dr Mira Marcinów (IFiS PAN)

Publications (selected):


·         Marcinów, M. (2017). The History of Polish Madness. V.1. The Study of Melancholy. Gdańsk: Słowo/ obraz terytoria (in Press) [In Polish]

·         Marcinów, M. (2012). On the edge of freedom. Madness as a Choice in Henry Struve’s philosophy. Kraków: WUJ. [In Polish]

Articles in journals:

·         Bielecka, K. & Marcinów, M. (2017). Mental Misrepresentation in Non-human Psychopathology. Biosemiotics, 10 (28), 1-16, https://doi.org/10.1007/s12304-017-9299-2, Impact Factor 0.964

·         Dobroczyński, B. & Marcinów, M. (2016b). Where “the dark angel of madness has no means of entry”: an essay on the origin of the idea of culpable insanity, as seen in the context of 19th century poetry and prose. Ethos, 28, 2 (110), 109-126.

·         Marcinów, M. & Dobroczyński, B. (2016a). O wstydzie monologii bezwstydne. Znak, nr 729, ss. 18 – 26 [http://www.miesiecznik.znak.com.pl/o-wstydzie-monologi-bezwstydne]

·         Marcinów, M. (2015b). Schizofretki i kotpulsywni psychopaci. Znak, nr 720, ss. 26 – 33. [www.miesiecznik.znak.com.pl/16313/schizo-fretki-i-kot-pulsywni-psy-chopaci]

·         Marcinów, M. (2015a). Rozmowy pod postacią somatyczną. Znak, nr 717, ss. 24 – 31. [www.miesiecznik.znak.com.pl/15964/rozmowy-pod-postacia-somatyczna]

·         Marcinów, M. (2014b). The historical return in research on psychopathology. The Culture and History, nr 25 [in Polish: Kultura i historia]

·         Jackiewicz, M. & Marcinów, M. (2014a). Borderline personality disorder – historical approach in the context of changes in DSM-V. Psychotherapy, 1 (168), 17 – 33.

·         Marcinów, M. (2011b). Crazy Writer, Sunday Madmen or Genius Scribbler? – the problem of follie littéraire in Polish literature at the Turn of the XIX and XX century. Problems of the Science, T. XLVII, z. 4 (190), 657 – 667 [in Polish: Zagadnienia naukoznawstwa]

·         Marcinów, M. (2011a). “Folie littéraire” à la polonaise – essai d’appréhension du problème. Orpheus, T. 6, 173 – 191.

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·         Marcinów, M. & Dobroczyński, B. (2009b). The Controversy over Philosophical Foundations of 19th Century Polish Psychiatry. The Case of Henry Struve’s Discussion with Medical Milieu.  Archive of the History of Philosophy and Social Thought, T. 54, 63-74. [In Polish: Archiwum Historii Filozofii i Myśli Społecznej]

·         Marcinów, M. (2009a). Conception of psychological etiology of mental disorders and moral treatment as a source of birth polish psychopathology. Medical and biological sciences, R. 2009, T. 23, 71.

Articles in books:

·         Marcinów, M. (2017). The Project of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by Adam Wizel. (In): P. Dybel (ed.). Przywracanie pamięci. Kraków: Universitas, ss. 205 – 255. [In Polish]

·         Dobroczyński, B. & Marcinów, M. (2017). Die unverheilte Wunde des Narziss. Psychoanalyse in Polen vor 1939 Frühe Besprechungen der Freudschen Theorie in polnischsprachigen medizinischen und populärwissenschaftlichen Publikationen. (In). E. Kobylinska-Dehe, L. M. Hermanns, P. Dybel, (eds.). (In press)

·         Marcinów, M. & Alves, F. (2013b). Examining Human Weakness: A Comparative Study of Mental Suffering in Portugal and Poland. (In:) Davies, F. i Gonzalez, L. (eds.). Madness, Women and the Power of Art. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, ss. 45 – 63.

·         Marcinów, M. & Alves, F. (2013a). Lay Rationalisation about Mental Suffering – A Comparative Study between Portugal an Poland. (In:) Goodman, H., Russo, B. V. i Zózima, J. (eds.). Beyond These Walls. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

·         Marcinów, M. (2012c). ‘Psychologisation’ of madness: the problem of possession. (In:) F. Alves, K. Jaworski i S. Butler (eds.) Madness in Plural Contexts. Oxford, United Kingdom: Inter-Disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-098-6

·         Marcinów, M. (2012b). Madness: A Guilt, a Consistent or a Choice? The 19th Century Polish Version of a Mad or Bad Dillema. (In:) G. Araoz (ed.) Mad/Sad/Bad: Philosophical, Political, Poetic and Artistic Reflection on the History of Madness. Oxford, United Kingdom: Inter-Disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-100-6

·         Marcinów, M. (2012a). Polish History of Madness. (In:) P. Prus i A. Stelmaszczyk (eds.) Zrozumieć szaleństwo – między psychologią a filozofią. Toruń [In Polish].

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